Bananacup's MIDI Jukebox Changelog:
v1.3 - added 10 new songs! new total is 55!
v1.2 - updated jukebox initialization with a message
v1.1 - no more midi autoplay as per website poll
v1.0 - working play, stop, next, and pause buttons with 45 songs!
v0.6 - you could hit next to play a random midi
v0.3 - a random midi played on page launch
v0.1 - a midi played on page launch

update log

(how exciting!!)

2023-05-24: 2023-02-12: 2022-11-05:
  • updated art page with a link to my pixiv
  • age +1 in about page
  • i can't believe kson joined vshojo what the fuck
2021-06-10: 2021-03-01:
  • updated text on a few pages including links and oc bios (oc bios really needs my new ocs added, and some of the pics are old
    and bad lol)
  • still uploading new art slowly
  • fixed something in the sidebar
  • maybe more updates later i dunno i have a lot of art that isn't on here
  • whatever slowly updating the art page dunno when it'll all be up
  • got around to updating my age (my birthday was on the 7th lol)
  • sorry for not updating aaaaaaaaa
2020-06-14: 2020-05-19: 2020-05-16: 2020-05-15:
  • added some awesome art by phantomfr0st of my OC Yuka to the OC bios page (i might make a dedicated page to art of my OCs later) click to see it.
  • updated the images of Yuka and Alyssa on the OC bios page to a newer drawing
  • some messing about to get the site to look better at different resolutions
  • maybe an overhaul to the styling later? i'd like to keep the aesthetic but remove the shitty iframes. not sure if i can do that and retain
    midi player functionality as-is though, so maybe not.
  • definitely an overhaul to the art page coming soon though so you don't have to keep clicking "back"
  • ART EXPLOSION!! finally updating my art page, just go look 'cause there's gonna be so much of it!!
  • twitter is frustrating me with its shitty updates so i'm gonna make an effort to make this website my home
  • look forward to more updates soon!!
2020-02-13: 2020-02-11: 2020-01-09: 2020-01-01: 2019-12-26: 2019-12-24:
  • christmas update!!! have some christmas gifs!!!! merry christmas and/or happy holidays!!!!!
2019-12-23: 2019-12-16: 2019-12-11:
  • added two cool history links to the cool links page - Sabaton History and Eastory.
2019-12-09: 2019-12-06: 2019-12-05: 2019-11-25: 2019-11-21: 2019-11-17:
  • new art! Fatcat! click to see
  • updated OC bios page - pic of fatcat, removed in construction message finally
  • some updates to the OC bios page, added bio information to some characters
2019-11-14: 2019-11-11: 2019-11-09:
  • added three new cool artists (keke, shirokuro, rice_omori) and two history youtube channels (lindybeige, world war two) to the cool
    links page! wow!
  • new icons added per article type on the bloog page! coming soon: filtering by article type.
  • new art pic up on the art page - Chibi Alyssa! click here to see!
  • updated Alyssa's pic on the OC bios page
  • note added to front page - there will be new content soon, promise!
2019-11-01: 2019-10-31:
  • happy halloween may all your halloweenmas dreams come true
2019-10-28: 2019-10-21: 2019-10-20: 2019-10-19: 2019-10-18: 2019-10-17: 2019-10-15:
  • added a new pic to the art page - halloween nana!
  • updated the about page removing the seperate comment box, everything now goes in the guestbook.
  • replied to two posts in the guestbook
  • as per the result of the poll, midis do not autoplay on load anymore - hit the buttons on the jukebox to get sweet midi tunes!!
  • hopefully i should have net at my new place in two days!!
  • updated the main page a bit, added notice that i'm currently busy moving

  • added a poll to the sidebar - please vote! the poll will end in one week (2019-09-30)
  • new painting up of my OC Anna! check out the art page to see!!
  • updated Anna's pic on the OC bios page to a crop of the new painting
  • new pastebinmonday bloog post! read it here

  • added a new artist to the cool links page (temmie)

  • minor change to the bloog page - article types, with filtering and icons for each type coming soon!

  • added one cool artist to the cool links page (cermrnl)
  • i've just figured out that i can reply to things on the guestbook, so i've done / will be doing that! i might scrap the comment box on the about page in favour of just using the guestbook.

  • non-update update: i haven't forgotten about my website, i've just been busy working on stuff related to moving, and my new painting, and some other stuff! i'll add some new content once i think of something meaningful to add

  • my NEW PAINTING is now up on the art page CHECK IT OUT NOW!!
  • added a pastebinmonday mirror to the bloog - read about what dumb crap i've been doing!!
  • added one artist link to the cool links page (floofyfluff)
  • small changes made to about page - added anchor link to the comments box + a note: will be moving non-questions to guestbook

  • added 8 new MIDIs to the jukebox (new total: 45) - feel free to make suggestions in the guestbook!

  • added functional controls to the MIDI jukebox! try out the stop, pause, play, and fast forward (next song) buttons!!
  • added 13 new MIDIs to the jukebox (new total: 37)
  • finding it endlessly amusing that the miku gif dances perfectly in time with A World to Win by Gorgoroth

  • new "pastebinmonday" mirror added to the bloog
  • added 8 new MIDIs to the jukebox (new total: 24)
  • microsoft locked my dumbass joke hotmail account for some reason and wants me to give them my phone number like i give a shit
  • added one artist to cool links (moawling)

  • started working on implementing a MIDI jukebox, cosmetic / non-functional at the moment but song change buttons etc will be added soon!
  • added functionality for random song on page load, will add more songs soon for now there's only two a few sixteen and i really should go to bed g'night

  • answered one question on the about page (did you know you can ask me questions there?)
  • added a new post to the bloog - mirroring "pastebinmonday" posts off twitter

  • added a new gif to the semi-secret page (maybe more secrets soon??)

  • changed "links to cool people" on the cool links page to "links to cool streamers" and "links to cool artists" respectively
  • added some new streamers/artists to the cool links page

  • guestbook changed from guestgb to 123guestbook 'cause guestgb is dumb and blocks people for no reason.
  • a bunch of history podcasts/youtubers added to the cool links page 'cause i love that shit
  • added this update log woo

  • made this dumbass website
  • did a bunch of shit before making an update log