thoughts on coco leaving hololive

i'm fucking devistated. i think the last time i was rocked this hard over a creator leaving something was when jon left game grumps in 2013, and this is hitting a lot harder than that did because i don't recall crying over that. kinda pathetic i guess, but i'm not the only one, so whatever.

i first got into hololive because of fubuki's meme clips around april 2020, but one of the first actual translated clips i stumbled upon was the chinese whispers clip which made me laugh my ass off. ever since then, coco has been one of the hololive members i've watched the most.

i know that she'll still be around in some capacity, and i intend to continue watching her, but what we've lost is still substantial. i feel like it's not an exaggeration to say that she was the bridge between the JP fans and community, and the EN fans and community.

that bridge is going to be very hard to rebuild, and there are very few current hololive members that are capable of doing it. kiara is the most obvious choice, but will she be popular within both the JP and EN community like coco was? i'm unsure. holotalk seems to do pretty well, but the EN branch does pretty well in general.

but anyway, this article is kinda gonna be scatterbrained. i've been having random thoughts and i need somewhere to put them, so here we go.

the first is, we don't know why she left. i've seen a lot of baseless speculation, and my shitty article might just be part of that a little, i'm sorry. a lot of people have been pointing fingers at the CCP shill antis, but i'm unsure if that's the whole story.

i personally don't think cover corp did anything "wrong" in this case, minus the three week suspension ages ago for mentioning a territory that shows up in google statistics. i thought that was pretty ridiculous. but i do personally think at least a bit of this comes down to creative differences.

coco has mentioned several instances when hololive / cover corp have hamstrung her creative capabilities, a few examples:
on top of that, hololive is remarkably insular with outside collabs, they seem to reliably pick a few "safe" bets like nijisanji creators, tamaki-chan, etc. now it seems like vshojo is getting a collab with hololive EN... but what about coco? i don't know if coco wants a collab with vshojo, but seeing that most of vshojo's members commented on her graduation post, i'd say it's in the realm of possibility that they could in the future, after coco leaves hololive (can you imagine a lewdcast episode with her? not possible while she's in hololive, i guarantee it.)

coco's alternate channel has gained 200k subscribers in a day, also, which is amazing. i'm not going to mention it as i think it's still a bit taboo, at least until coco leaves hololive (i feel like it's fair game then, imo.) but anyone who cares can find it, so oh well. i enjoyed watching her birthday stream live, she's still the same charming person, vtuber or not. i hope people continue to support her.

but still, it's remarkably sad, because she's not going to have any more moments with her hololive friends, at least not that we can see. it's very obvious that she's leaving on a high note and there's no real drama between any of them, but that just makes it sadder. watching her alone isn't the same, just the thought of no more KanaCoco teetee moments, no more reddit shitpost review, etc makes me extremely sad.

we're told to stay positive, but in a sense, the EN scene is left with a big dragon shaped hole in it. hololive EN is all well and good, but many of us (including myself) watch the JP talents, and having someone who was working hard to make sure EN fans could be heard by those JP talents leave is, well, by definition negative.

i was going to say coco is going to be extremely hard to replace in that respect, but i think in a way, she's irreplacable. like the roman infrastructure collapsing after the fall of the empire, i worry that the strong foundation coco has built, one that makes the EN community feel included and welcome, may crumble a little.

many of the hololive members are working hard to ensure that doesn't happen, but the EN-JP language barrier is huge, and learning one from the other very difficult. not only that, but it's not just a lack of linguistic understanding, but cultural understanding - coco was extremely good at explaining western memes, idioms, expressions, etc.

finding someone new who not only understands both english and japanese internet culture and is fluent in both languages, but is as likable and hard working as coco is a challenging task, and that's an understatement. i feel like the actual effects of what we're facing have yet to be felt.

look at this fantastic reddit post on the things coco has done for hololive. she truly is irreplacable. i think the conspiracy theorists that want to believe cover corp kicked her out are a bit ridiculous, in reality, i think they begged her to stay (and i think loosening the restrictions on things like her collabing with the EN branch were an attempt at getting her to stay.)

i've seen a good chunk of EN fans saying they're going to stop supporting hololive after coco leaves, either because she's their main member they watch, or they're frustrated with the state of hololive, that things got to this point at all. i don't blame them. if that's your choice, that's your choice. personally, for now, i'll continue watching, but i don't think i can take another blow like this any time soon.

if hololive members start dropping with regularity, i'm going to stop supporting. we all knew this was temporary, but so is everything - life is temporary. but for things to end so soon was unexpected, and hits hard. suddenly, the idea that all my other favourites will be with us for a long time yet is somewhat shattered. suddenly i'm wondering, who else is thinking about leaving?

as far as the idea that cover booted her to get back in the chinese market, i'll believe it when i see it, but with no evidence i find it to be a hard sell. the explosion of the EN scene and the troubles presented by the CN scene basically made that transition a no-brainer, and cover corp likely knows they can't have their cake and eat it too.

i do believe coco made this choice, and at the end of the day we must accept it. i wish for the rest of hololive to have success for many years to come, but the illusion of stability has been fractured.

sorry for the scatterbrained article, if you read this. honestly, i mostly wrote this for myself, and maybe i'll add to it if i think of anything else, i dunno. we'll never really know what caused this, and i think pointing fingers is doing more harm than good. coco left on good terms with the rest of hololive. i think it's for the best that after she's gone, we drop the theorycrafting on this and move on. i don't think coco would want us to get torn up over this.

no matter what you choose to do, support hololive or not, blame cover corp or not, get angry over the antis or not... just remember, coco is staying positive, and we should too. it's not easy, but it's what she wants for us.

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