pastebinmonday 11/11/19 (mirror)

it's monday! america still, i hope!

so, keeping things brief and not going into too much detail this time, all my shit is in storage and i'm living back where i used to. yes, it really is preferable, though obviously still not ideal or i wouldn't have moved in the first place.

for a lot of reasons this situation is draining in its own right, though i don't have the energy to be bouncing about extremely proactively looking for a new place right this moment. the last six weeks have been incredibly stressful, and having to give up my wonderful place for reasons out of my control was pretty despair-inducing.

i miss having my stuff, i'm sitting surrounded by boxes, using an old kitchen table as a desk. i brought along only what i need immediately, as i do intend for this to be a temporary situation. but still, i'm having a lot of trouble mustering up the will to march on. i was stuck in this rut for a long time, and going back now... sometimes bad situations get comfortable.

so, i've been escaping life by drawing again, that counts as something positive at least? i drew that alyssa pic that i posted, and am about half way through a fanart drawing of Ryona from Senran Kagura (my favourite character.) i'm trying new techniques with this one, using a tortillon and a blending stump to get rid of that awful white page grain look. unfortunately, it's dragged a lot of the pencil outline into the colour and "muddied" it. so i've replaced one problem with another. hopefully the finished piece doesn't look too bad.

i may have to ink outline my work in the future, but i've never managed to get that looking really good, and unlike something like painting, inkwork is pretty much impossible to really correct if you make a mistake. perhaps i should do an extremely light sketch and then have no outline. it might look similar to my paintings (though i don't really "sketch" those at all, but rather paint in the shapes.)

i've also been playing a lot of "senran kagura: peach beach splash" after the franchise was on sale a couple of weeks ago, thus prompting the fanart. looking past the cheesecake, it's a very fun game, i'm well onto the road to 100%ing it, and then i suppose i'll move onto another game (maybe shinovi versus?) also i've still been learning welsh, no news there though i am steadily improving.

anyway, that'll do i guess! thanks for reading, hope you all are having a good week.

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