Art by Technicolorpie

my original characters!

this page is horribly out of date and this art is old and terrible maybe one day i'll care to update it


Species: Fennec Foxgirl
Age: 25
Height: 162cm / 5'4
Weight: 52kg / 115lbs
Bust Size: C
Sexuality: Straight
Eye Colour: Greenish Blue
Hair Colour: Orange with Yellow Streaks
Skin Colour: White

Requires glasses, thin, decently fit but not muscular. Fairly long hair, and a big ol' fluffy tail!

Bright, upbeat, somewhat loud.

Nana is basically my "poster OC" - named after me, Bananacup! She's very bubbly, loud, and socially energetic, but is actually a bit of a nerd. Tends not to think before she speaks, and can blurt out some kinda awkward/funny stuff sometimes.

Really loves going to the arcade with her friends, and especially playing DDR, though she finds it very difficult because of her big tail. Enjoys singing (karaoke and such,) but she's not particularly great at it.

My pal phantomfr0st drew this cute doodle fanart of Nana! Click to see it.


Species: Fennec Foxgirl
Age: 27
Height: 152cm / 5'0
Weight: 44kg / 97lbs
Bust Size: A
Sexuality: Bisexual
Eye Colour: Hazelnut
Hair Colour: Orange with Brown Streaks
Skin Colour: White

Thin, unfit, small bust. Often has a serious expression. Much shorter hair than Nana, but still a big ol' fluffy tail.

Very much a "kuudere" type, quiet and reserved but very affectionate.

Anna is Nana's older sister! That's right, they're Nana & Anna! She is often mistakenly thought to be Nana's younger sister, to her annoyance. Anna is a very reserved person, and sometimes people who don't know her mistake her demeanour and think she dislikes them. Very shy and introverted, but she is extremely loving and protective of her friends.

Likes going to the arcade with her sister and winning things for her girlfriend Yuka with tickets, or at the crane game. Amazing at skeeball.


Species: Koala-girl
Age: 26
Height: 170cm / 5'7
Weight: 83kg / 183lbs
Bust Size: H
Sexuality: Lesbian
Eye Colour: Brownish Green
Hair Colour: Silvery Grey
Skin Colour: White (Pale)

Chubby, soft, very large breasts. Likes wearing her hair in a bun, though she often wears simplistic and loose clothing.

Sleepy and lazy, though extremely warm and affectionate.

It's "Yuka," like "Eucalyptus" - get it? Yuka and Anna are dating, and they seem pretty serious about it! Yuka is a very relaxed, calm person with a warm smile, and much prefers sitting around indoors watching movies than going out on adventures.

My friend phantomfr0st drew Yuka after I redeemed 25K points in her twitch stream! Click to see it.


Species: Dingo-girl
Age: 23
Height: 163cm / 5'4
Weight: 56kg / 123lbs
Bust Size: D
Sexuality: Straight
Eye Colour: Deep Blue
Hair Colour: Brown
Skin Colour: Tan / Brown

Fit, muscular.

Somewhat blunt, brash, and abrasive - but not intentionally mean, and very friendly once you get to know her.

Akala is a very sporty and outdoorsy sort of person. She gets along fairly well with Alyssa for this reason, but their friendship is somewhat strained by Akala's dislike of snakes.

Akala is rough around the edges, and can sometimes say things that seem rude, but she has a big heart and always means well. She is the sort of person to prefer running to walking, and awkwardly yell across public spaces. Her high energy attitude also has her getting along well with Nana, and they are good friends.

Alyssa & Burt

Species: Catgirl / Eastern Green Mamba
Age: 24
Height: 180cm / 5'11
Weight: 66kg / 146lbs
Bust Size: D
Sexuality: Straight
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Blue
Skin Colour: White

She has a snake named Burt for a tail - what the?! Likes wearing her hair in a ponytail.

Energetic, friendly but somewhat mischevious. Athletic and fast, but not particularly strong. Hates water and swimming.

Alyssa is a very outdoorsy, outgoing, extroverted person. She loves horseback riding, archery, basketball, and rock climbing. She has a venemous Eastern Green Mamba named Burt for a tail, but he is calm and completely obedient to Alyssa.

Sometimes she likes to use Burt as an extra appendige, to pick up and hold things and such. Alyssa is completely immune to all snake venom, and seems to be somewhat resistant to other toxins also (which coincidentally gives her a crazy high alcohol tolerance!)

Burt is his own creature with his own free will, but isn't intelligent beyond that of an average snake - though he seems to be able to understand Alyssa. Burt is friendly towards others, but extremely protective of Alyssa.

image coming soon lol Fatcat

Species: Catgirl
Age: 29
Height: 152cm / 5'0
Weight: 70kg / 154lbs
Bust Size: B
Sexuality: Straight
Eye Colour: ???
Hair Colour: Deep Pink
Skin Colour: Olive

Likes wearing strange looking sunglasses and what she calls "mobster clothes." Quite fat, though not morbidly obese.

Prankster - playful and mischevious.

She's Fatcat, the mob boss! Despite being a self-declared mob boss and mafioso, her gang doesn't seem to do much other than laze about playing video games and watching youtube.

Has a bit of a complex about her height, best not to bring it up. Sometimes likes to carry around a .45 Thompson SMG with a drum magazine, and is usually seen wearing a black suit and a pinstripe fedora, alongside her signature sunglasses which she never seems to take off. Drives around in a 1928 Alfa Romeo 6C 1500 - red with a cream top.

Always seems to have some sort of grand plan or scheme going on, but despite her mischevious nature she doesn't really want to hurt anyone.