hi this is my collection of links

these are my cool links!! you can borrow them if you like but do not steal ok??

links to my shit

my twitter read the inane bullshit i have to say on a semi-daily basis
me on twitch my twitch profile i stream like maybe twice a year or something??
me on youtube i don't really upload much, just stream archives when i rarely stream, but there's some content up there if you wanna waste your time watching it
my SRC page i only speedrun hotline miami at the moment but you can look at my PB there i guess

links to cool streamers

AiCandii - Twitch / Twitter really cool english vtuber, one of my favourite streams to hang in, definitely the stream i spend the most time in these days. streams variety but often the sims, stardew valley, and minecraft
Siia - Twitch / Twitter another envtuber, really chill and fun streams, often minecraft and art
Aylaahmao - Twitch / Twitter envtuber, really fun variety streams and a cool community.
Lilyhops - Twitch / Twitter super cute envutber who plays all sorts of things!
PhantomFr0st - Twitch / Twitter small affiliate variety streamer, fun community to hang out with
Smight - Twitch / YouTube another cool variety streamer, also has an awesome "nick arcade" style show called arcade pit
TieTuesday - Twitch / YouTube variety streamer, often has really interesting/different streams
Vargskelethor - Twitch / YouTube aka Vinesauce Joel. one of the few bigger streamers i actually watch
FlareRDB - Twitch / Twitter variety streamer with a cool cat mascot called Boopies. definitely a "lurk before you talk" atmosphere.
Elegy - Twitch previously known as ElegyOfGames. amazing production values, talented voice actor. streams all kinds of stuff.
MonotoneTim - Twitch / YouTube when he streams it's like a rare event, people from far and wide come to see it. lots of often obscure and/or weird stuff, often ran in a VM.
Javoxxib - Twitch cool guy with a very chill stream, plays all sorts of stuff
Revven91 - Twitch does some speedruns plus some variety stuff
NOTE: i'm in the process of updating this so if i know you personally / i've forgotten someone i'll probably get to it soon enough, but feel free to chuck me a reminder on the guestbook

links to cool artists

Citrine/Melangetic - Patreon / Twitter really cute art, a huge source of inspiration to me
Tatsuya Tanaka - Twitter does really cool miniatures with everyday items!
Kayo - Twitter / Pixiv really cute pixel art girls! sometimes ecchi but usually "work safe" (do not view it at work)
Slugbox - Twitter [NSFW] talented artist with really neat characters, very often NSFW
Ashiisaurus - Twitter [NSFW] very cute art but often NSFW
Technicolorpie - Twitter cute, cartoony style art! did this super cute commission of my OC Nana!
Honeebunny - Twitter cute kemonomimi girls with a really neat style (i've used the word "cute" too much haven't i?)
Moawling - Twitter extremely cool pixel art!
Floofyfluff - Twitter adorable art, makes enamel pins and charms and such!
Cermrnl - Twitter REALLY cool little paper puppet things (example), you can even buy and make them yourself!
Temmie - Twitter the undertale artist! she draws super neat art and has her own video game demo escaped chasm out now!
Kéké - Twitter draws cute little animal animations! they're really neat!!
Shirokuro - Twitter amazing pixel art animations!
Rice_Omori - Twitter awesome gameboy style pixel art with gameboy style music!
Lanbook - Twitter extremely good japanese artist that draws various OCs, plus some other things like undertale and pokemon stuff

history stuff

Dan Carlin's Hardcore History "really good history podcast, lots of episodes avaliable for free and the old ones aren't too expensive" ...end quote
Fear & Loathing in the New Jerusalem extremely good podcast on the history of israel and palestine
Skallagrim youtuber that looks mostly at historical arms like swords, axes, spears, etc
The Great War really awesome youtube channel that week by week from 2014-2018 covered one week in world war one as it was 100 years ago - with about ten minutes per week you might find yourself learning a lot of little things usually unmentioned
World War Two the narrator/creator of "The Great War" series is currently working on this similar week by week series of world war two, as it was 80 years ago!
Sabaton History history channel for the history-oriented metal band Sabaton, narrated by the same guy from The Great War / World War Two YouTube series'.
Military History Visualized cool military history analysis done with infographic style visualizations
Schola Gladatoria covers things mostly about HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts) and fencing, but he also looks at old weapons and explains how they were used etc
HCT very impressive colourized world war 2 footage
Mustard neat videos on mostly the history of commercial aviation
Military Aviation History it's what it says on the tin - the history of military aviation
Lindybeige cool and informative videos about all sorts of things, from medieval warfare to WW2 tanks!
Montemayor very cool topographical visualizations of various WW2, Mexican-American War, and American Civil War battles
Eastory really well made tactical map videos, mostly concerning the eastern front of WW2