pastebinmonday 09/12/19 (mirror)

pastebinmonday update:

haven't found a new place yet, i've looked at a couple now but they were unsuitable for one reason or another. looking at another place today, this one looks pretty promising but i'm unsure if i'll be approved for it. i'll try my best, anyway!

it's still in the town that my old neighbours were in though, and i'm feelin' some anxieties about it. it's a pretty small town, and i really wouldn't want to run into them or have them recognize my car and try to find my new place or something. probably just being paranoid, but it's not a big town. hopefully they don't care about me too much now that i'm gone, but you never know with these trashy types.

life is kinda still a mess, and i still haven't gotten my christmas shopping done (some of it is done, but not enough.) not looking forward to going out into the frenzied crowd of december christmas shoppers but it has to be done, so i'm probably gonna get some of that done today too.

i wrote an article on my website the other day about motivation, half the purpose of which was to remind myself what works and help get things back on track. but to be honest, staying strong in this limbo situation is hard. my sleep has been so fucked, too, i feel sleepy about 2-3 hours after i wake up and start falling asleep at my desk or whatever, then i nap for a while and repeat. hypersomnia is kicking in HARD, which is a bit of a worry for a long drive like i have to do today.

health problems be damned, though, i'm done using them as an excuse to impede my progress in life. besides, hopefully they'll improve once i'm out of his situation.

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