pastebinmonday 21/10/19 (mirror)

i haven't written a "pastebinmonday" in a while but there's been so much going on that typing it all out feels
overwhelming. so as shortform as i can, probably leaving a lot out:

i am working on my new painting again, it is shaping up to be pretty alright in my opinion but progress feels slow (i'm still on the background!) i started it by experimenting with painting directly onto a frame board so it practically frames itself, though i'm not sure how it'll look in the end. hoping it doesn't cut off too much, i've been trying to be mindful of that.

back to learning welsh regularly now that i have my net back, still enjoying it! as i've said before, i doubt i'll ever find a direct use for it, but i do enjoy taking down notes and such in welsh. my entire journal (the type to remind myself of shit i need to do, not a diary) is in welsh! vocab is going great, i don't have to look up a word very often for everyday things, but grammar, sentence structure, and complex rules are often a sticking point still - you wouldn't believe how many ways there are in welsh to say yes/no, and there are three ways to mutate a word (soft/nasal/aspirate) and like 40+ ways for them to apply.

as far as moving, i have been crazy busy with unpacking and setting everything up, though things are settling down now. my ISP and the NBN fucked up real bad which is why i didn't have net until the 17th, and won't have REAL net until the 31st. the place is pretty awesome, it's in a much nicer street, it has a calamondin orange tree, a sprinkler system, a carport with shed space, a ducted AC system, a huge pantry and a nice fan-forced oven, and is quite large for a one-person unit. i even have a doggy door installed and my pup is very happy with the extra freedom!

anyways, that'll do. would you believe that's the shortform version, haha. a lot has been going on, but i'm glad to be back online, talkin' to my net pals.

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