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you know what sucks? not having an internet connection for three weeks.

you know what sucks even more? buying a switch game on sale (LA Noire if you're curious) and being told
that you need to do a 8GB download to "unlock the full experience" (in other words, play the fuckin' game)

what the fuck is this shit? since when was buying a physical copy of a game not enough? why do we even have physical games anymore if this is what it looks like? is it just to pad my shelving?

y'know, i kinda get it. high capacity switch cartridges are apparently expensive. clearly way too expensive for a multi-million dollar AAA company like rockstar to afford, so i can totally understand passing off that inconvinience to your customers. tough fuckin' luck if you have no internet, or dreadfully slow internet. it's not even that unusual a scenario, what if the first time you boot up the game is while using the switch as a handheld? y'know, the whole fucking gimmick of the console?

maybe i'm just madder than usual because i've been isolated after moving to a new town and have been without my net friends for a few weeks, but like goddamn. consoles managed to pack a whole bunch on a game cartridge or disc before console-based internet became a regular thing (yes i am aware of things like the BS SNES downloads and that thing the mega drive / genesis had, i mean a regular thing)

if a whole GTA game fit on a disc before, then what the fuck is different? i know games have gotten more complex, but i don't remember downloading anything extra to play GTA4 on my xbox 360, and as far as i'm concerned that's a complete open-world game!

have we really gotten so far up our own asses in relation to graphical fidelity that simple consumer convinience, and in some cases, being able to even play the game is the trade-off? or is there some other excuse reason?

in so many ways we go forward, yet somehow in so many ways we go backward. how is the age of buying a game, putting it in your console, and turning it on dead? this is the sort of drawback i expect on PC, not a console.

it's not like i don't have other games i can play, it's like, whatever. i'll wait until i have internet again, to play my single player console game. how can anyone read that and not think it's at least a little ridiculous?

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