VG Highlight #2 - Cat Quest!

so i got pretty damn bored while not having internet for three weeks, but thankfully, i happened to have bought and downloaded a steam game on sale just before i moved, and i played it pretty thoroughly. that game was Cat Quest and while a pretty short and relatively simple game, i had a great deal of fun with it and it helped keep me (mostly) sane for a while, so i thought i'd write about it.

cat quest is basically a very simple ARPG where you're a cat, looking for your sister who has been catnapped by drakoth, and you have to slay some evil dragons to get tough enough to beat him. it's a really cute game with adorable lil' cat people and a lot of funny moments (though the "puns" can sometimes be pawful)

the combat feels very responsive and mostly revolves around firing off spells and getting back mana by getting in close and hitting them with your weapon, though equipment with different stats can accomodate a more melee or spell heavy playstyle, if you prefer - though i found it most effectual to just keep my stats roughly even, because you're gonna be firing off spells anyway (there's a heal but by mid-game it's ridiculously ineffectual, and a berserk spell which is great but costs very little mana,) but you can't get your mana back without engaging in melee so having a gimped melee stat isn't great either.

it's a pretty short game, though if you take your time to do all the side quests and find all the secrets you can really get a good amount of time out of it, but i really didn't find many problems with doing most of the content while horribly underlevelled. i ended up doing the super endgame level 99 quest at level 55 without any of the special endgame gear, and it really didn't pose much of a challenge.

thankfully, the game does have some post-game options which spike the difficulty, stronger monsters in particular gave me what i was looking for and was a fun but doable challenge, and there's also nine lives which is reasonable, but unfortunately the other two (stay level 1 and no armour/weapon) kinda make the game more unfun than challenging, quickly devolving a lot of fights into a boring slog.

it doesn't really matter anyway, since it's all optional content and the rewards you get don't mean much when you've done everything on your main file. all in all, i feel like i got good value out of cat quest, and i can't wait to get my net back so i can play the sequel that recently came out, cat quest 2.

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