pastebinmonday 23/09/19 (mirror)

pastebiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin *breathe in* mooooooooondayyyyyyyyyyyy!!

i didn't post one last week 'cause there wasn't much goin' on.


i've finally got a move in date, and i'll be moving on the 27th of September! i'm simultaneously excited, overjoyed, and extremely busy. in very good news, i'll have power, gas, water, and internet the day i move in (provided everything goes right.)

it's hard to explain to you guys how important this is to me, and how happy i am to be moving somewhere that i can feel content and safe in my own neighbourhood.


progress on the website i was making naturally took a nosedive due to a combination of other things i've been doing, and just not having ideas for new content, but after writing a new "bloog" post the other day i'm thinking of doing a series on there called "VG Highlight" where i write about video games i find interesting (not necessarily good, just interesting,) with screenshots and stuff maybe? i dunno, i'll mess with it and see what i come up with.


my new painting is pretty much done!! it's not as complex as the last one which was honestly really ambitious what with the backdrop and all (which the photo does NOT do justice to, by the way) but it's a pose i haven't done before so that's been awfully tricky! i'm just waiting now on a nice day to take a photo and spray varnish the thing, hopefully the sun will come out today!

sometimes i wonder if i should post progress pics, but i feel like it has a chance of ruining the "impact" of the final thing? but i barely ever post art 'cause they take so damn long to make. i should do more fun lil' sketches and stuff so i can get some sort of content flow going.

it's a shame i can't stream myself painting but my damn head would be in the way of the shot like half the time, and i just don't feel comfotable with that, ahaha~


so uh i made a tweet like a weekish ago being like "does anyone else feel uncomfortable admitting they're learning something new until they're kinda decent at it at least?" - something like that. well, i'm probably not even at the level of kinda decent but i've been picking it up fast so whatever:

Dwi'n wedi bod dysgais siarad Cymraeg! Pam? Dwi'n hoffi Cymraeg! Dw i eisiau i dysgu ers ymwelais i â Chymru yn 2017.

(I've been learning to speak Welsh! Why? I like Welsh! I've wanted to learn it since I visited Wales in 2017.)

i'm still pretty early in my learning so that's probably wrong in at least two ways, haha. i've been learning with duolingo, plus some videos and reading articles on kids welsh websites like CIWB. i even changed my windows and firefox languages! i've been learning for a few weeks i think.

some might ask, why learn a language that you'll almost certainly never get to use, to which i'd respond, what language other than english WOULD i ever get to use? i live in regional victoria, australia. i think it's perfectly justified to just learn a language i think is cool.

i'm making decent progress, learning words has been easy! the real "speed bump point" at the moment is pretty much the fact that like every damn noun in welsh is either masculine or feminine, it's seemingly arbitrary, and it often effects the sentence structure around the noun (example: "pedwar crys" - four shirts (masculine word,) "pedair aderyn" - four birds (feminine word)) - also often words mutate in ways that can be hard to remember (for example, "chwech", six, drops the ch when placed before a noun or adjective, "chwe pêl" - six balls)

ANYWAYS, this is long enough already. hope you're all doing well! hwyl da!

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