i'm having a shitty day, so i'm gonna ramble about my favourite video game

i never know what to put on this dumbass website, well, other than sweet GIFs and MIDI files. but today, i'm having a real "meh" day, y'know? i just don't feel like doing anything, or giving a fuck about anything, it's one of those days where i'm in a slump because things suck and it's out of my control for the time being.

so i figured, what better to do with my time than write about my favourite video game? it's a game that deserves more attention anyway, it's kinda rare that i run into someone who even knows what it is. if you've read the about page, also, you already know what i'm gonna talk about:

Road Trip Adventure!

it is difficult to explain just how much i love the game Road Trip Adventure for the Playstation 2, and why. i love it so much that for some time (and possibly still on some searches) my stream/youtube thumbnails showed up on google image searches for the game. unfortunately, i didn't archive those twitch streams minus a few little highlights but maybe one day i'll stream it again? who knows.

so road trip adventure is basically a game where everyone is a car, and the president - who is also a car - decides he's going to quit being president and give his job to whoever wins the grand prix. this isn't a spoiler because it happens in the first like, five minutes of the game. it's a quirkly little open-world racing game with a bunch of things to explore and minigames to do including football/soccer, ski juimping, paragliding, roulette, golf, and curling - all of which of course you do as a car.

note that you aren't driving a car - everyone and everything in road trip adventure is a car. this is because road trip adventure is actually a game in a series based off of the japanese Choro-Q toy cars - specifically the game in japanese is called Choro-Q HG 2 (also the game in the US is just called "Road Trip.") not really something you need to know to enjoy the game - just a fun fact.

another fun fact about the game is, you talk to people by crashing into them. along with suddenly flipping the right way up just before hitting the ground if you fall off a cliff upside-down, truly, the road trip adventure world is an interesting one. really, nothing i say here is going to convey the amount of charm this game has.

is road trip adventure the best game ever made? no. i wouldn't even say that it's objectively amazing - especially by today's standards where you have open-world racing games like Burnout Paradise and Forza Horizon. but road trip adventure remains my favourite game due to its replayability, charm, and the joy it brings when i play it.

i highly recommend playing the game, and even 100%ing it - the "road" (heh) to 100 stamps is a lot of fun, and leads you through all of the quirky minigames and side-quests of the game. seriously, do it. you can pick the game up on ebay for like $10-15!

here's a video highlight from my stream of me playing the football/soccer minigame (excuse the poor quality, i had REAL bad internet back then:)

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