pastebinmonday 09/09/19 (mirror)

holy crap it's monday again!


my new painting is done! i'm just waiting for a day with adequate sunlight to take a decent photo, and then varnish it. dunno what i'm gonna do with it after that, honestly! probably just archive it, i dunno if i'm even allowed to hang paintings in my new place but if i am i might see about getting it framed or somethin'.

work has started already on a new painting, i haven't gotten far yet, just gesso primed a canvas and painted a quick base.


packing is going smoothly! i'd say it's like 90% done at this point. because the move in "date" - in quotes because i still don't have a solid move in date because the landlord is taking his sweet time getting this carpet installed, but i'm assured by the real estate this is still happening! - but yea because the move in "date" got pushed back i've been a lot more relaxed about getting it all done 'cause there's no rush. current "date" is the 20th. there's still a few things to wrap up but a lot of it can't really be done until the move is complete (changing addresses and such) so i'm not really worrying about it.


i made a MIDI jukebox for my website! currently it can only stop, pause, play, and go to the next song (randomly, shuffled) but i do have big plans in mind for it! there's currently 45 songs, it plays one randomly on page load and it even has a lil display showing what song is playing. other than that, the actual content of the website hasn't really been worked on, which is due to a combination of not really having ideas of what to add, and being busy with other things. i'd like to revamp the main page at some point, but i dunno with what yet.

that's about all for this week! thanks for reading about the dumb stuff i've been doing. hopefully i'll be able to show you all my new painting soon!

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