pastebinmonday 02/09/19 (mirror)

another pastebinmonday woooooo


not much done this week as i've been crazy busy with packing and other stuff related to the move. i did set aside some side to paint yesterday as i said on twitter and made pretty encouraging progress. i will try to get more done soon, maybe not today, but i'm not gonna leave it too long - art pieces become kind of dull the longer i work on them, i yearn for something fresh, a new project. gotta finish it while it's still exciting.


unsurprisingly i haven't worked much on this either, but i did add a function to play a random MIDI on load, might write a bloog post about somethin' today that is on my mind, and plan on adding buttons to control a "MIDI jukebox" that's gonna be pretty sweet.


things are lookin' up! packing is going well, i am consistently surprised at how much crap i have. picked up some things for the new place, and got some things on my car fixed (VX Holden Commodore Lumina if you're curious) 'cause it was making a weird noise. still need to take it back in as a tire rod end is worn. i'm pretty happy right now! lots of stuff to be done still, but it's doable.

that's about all for this week! not much to report in, just more of the same. but it's good!

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