pastebinmonday 26/08/19 (mirror)

time for another paaaaastebiiiinmoooondaaaayyy!! (or if you're reading this on my website where i will be mirroring these i guess you can call it a "what dumb shit i'm upto monday but it's probably not monday for you yet because i live in the future aka australia")


by the way, did you know i have a website?? (volume warning) haha jk you're on it right now!

it's not completely done but it's getting close. if you're not familiar with the 90s/2000s-era web aesthetic (especially geocities) it's probably gonna look like a pile of crap to you. though honestly, browsing about neocities i've seen plenty of websites made by people who are too young to even remember that so i dunno maybe it's just back in style!

it currently has some issues in chrome, namely that the plugin midijs i'm using to play those hot midi tunes doesn't work in chrome and decides to just dump the file in your downloads folder. sorry about that!! i've gotta look into getting chrome to just ignore the script.


art production has taken a nosedive recently (lol i'm talking about it like it's the damn stock market) because i've been super busy with other stuff - but i will get back to it! my painting was coming along beautifully and i'm very proud of it! i never know whether to post progress pics because i don't like poisoning the final view of the art, y'know? i'll think about it.

speaking of art, i didn't do a pastebinmonday last week so i didn't talk about flare and citrine getting my boopies painting in the mail! they loved it and i recieved so many compliments on my work, it made me really happy! thankyou to everyone who complimented my work, it means a lot!

i also got a commission from technicolorpie for a chibi version of my OC fennec foxgirl Nana! it was SUPER CUTE!


big news!!! i found a new place! i don't have to live in this crappy neighbourhood anymore, yay! i am so excited, and also very busy. but mentally i'm feeling in a better place than i have in a real long time, and that's worth the amount of work it's gonna be (and has been already.)

Tera (my pup, who is now pretty much dog-sized) is doing very well, also! i do worry a little about how she's gonna handle the move, but she's still relatively young so i think she'll adapt just fine.

anyways that's it for this week! hope everyone is doing super good!

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